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RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812 (Kod: )

RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812
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RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812 RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812 RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812 RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812 RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812 RCF AM1125 + Audac CENA812

RCF AM1125:

AM 1125 is a 120W mixer-amplifier having 4 audio inputs. Audio input 1 has Phantom power supply and get the priority over the other audio inputs through an external command or automatically thanks to the ‘VOX’ circuit. Dual RCA connectors can be used to link stereo (unbalanced) sound sources (e.g. CD – MP3 players, tuners, etc.). The amplifier output is available either for low impedance loudspeakers (min. 4 Ohm) or 100 – 70 V constant voltage line (for loudspeakers having 100 – 70 V transformers). It can also be powered by batteries (voltage: 24 V dc), in order to ensure its proper operation even when the mains supply is unavailable.


120W 4-inputs Mixer-Amplifier
4 XLR input
VOX facility and Phantom power supply on input 1
Audio input 3 also with dual RCA connector
Aux input on dual RCA connector
DUCKING Control to adjust the Aux in level
Audio output (with RCA connector) that sends the same signal routed to the internal amplifier
Audio input (with RCA connector) to connect an external device directly to the internal power amplifier
AM 1125 Input for the secondary 24 V dc power supply (batteries)
Amplifier output to loudspeakers, available as 100 / 70 V constant voltage line and Low impedance (min. 4 Ohm)


Audac CENA812:

Max. Power: 40 W
RMS Power: 20 W
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 99 dB
Speaker type: Broadband
Impedance: 8 ohm
Connection: Screw terminal
Drivers: Dual cone 8"
Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) @ 100 V: 112 dB
Frequency Response (± 3 dB): 100 Hz - 15 kHz
Range (-10 dB): 60 Hz - 18 kHz
Line Transformer Tappings:
1: 12 W / 833 Ω
2: 6 W / 1667 Ω


Cut-out measurement: 207 mm (Ø)
Dimensions: 232 x 90 mm (Ø x D)
Construction: ABS
Front finish: Borderless finely perforated steel grill
Built-in depth: 77 mm
Mounting: Spring-Fit™ mounting system
Colours: White (RAL9003) (CENA812/W), Black (RAL9005) (CENA812/B)
Operating temperature: -15 °C ~ 55 °C
Cut-Out measurement: 210 mm
Built-in Depth: 100 mm
Mounting & Handling: 4 Screw quick-fixing mechanism
Available Colours: Black frame & White grill

Proizvođač: RCF

MPC: 5.134,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 4.364,00 Kn
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH

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