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Screenline Wave 101" (Kod: )

Screenline Wave 101"
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SCREENLINE WAVE 101" BIANCO ICE 223 x 125 cm, motorizirano projekcijsko platno

The new ScreenLine motorized screen.

A project which represents a shift in the design of rolling motorized screens. Its particular, harmonious and supple line blends into interior design environments perfectly.

The shape of the box allows installation flush against sharp edges while the elegant lines minimize the visual impact.
The upper part of the box, perfectly horizontal, makes it possible to place the left, central and right satellites of the audio equipment, while in the rear part of the box there is a special groove where it is possible to keep the connection cables of the loudspeakers out of sight.

The screen can come with a room lighting system made of an RGB LED stripe which is placed inside the downward oriented groove, projecting light behind the fabric.
Connected to a home automation system, it becomes a light source which transforms the environment according to the colour and intensity chosen

Screen characteristics:

90° rear angle for better ceiling installation
hidden fixing brackets
supporting surface for L-C-R loudspeakers
prearranged groove for audio cables
RGB LED back lighting compatible with all house automation control systems (on request)
front surface drop in order to improve flatness
motor on the right side
custom features
particularly silent motor available on request up to 300 cm base


Proizvođač: Screenline

MPC: 5.445,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 4.628,00 Kn
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH

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