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RCF ART 708-A (Kod: )

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The ART 708-A presents high fidelity sound reproduction, careful acoustic design, high quality neodymium transducers, very compact size cabinet and very linear and precise frequency response which is perfect for voice monitoring and amplification. 

ART 708-A is equipped with a new generation of 700 Watt Digital Amplifier, 500 Watt for the woofer and 200 Watt for the compression driver. The result of this is very high output, extremely low distortion and an incredible natural sound. The amplifier presents both XLR/jack (Combo) balanced inputs, XLR output link, volume and a switchable EQ Mode (Flat/ Boost). The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilize the amplifier during transportation but also assist in the heat dissipation. ART 708-A amplifier is mounted on an aluminium plate that integrates the rubber-coated aluminium top handle. This structure design results in a stronger and easy to transport cabinet. 
All the transducers in the Art 7 Series speakers feature light weight neodymium magnets in order to guarantee a better performance and make for easier transportation. The compression driver uses a 1” throat diameter titanium dome featuring a vented suspension and is powered from a massive high flux neodymium magnet and an edge wound 1,75” aluminium voice coil. This top class driver offers a high output, transparent midrange sound and clarity in high frequencies reproduction. ART 708-A features a 8” inch woofer that, with a 2,5” inside-outside aluminium coil and a powerful magnetic structure, guarantees a fast and accurate mid-bass frequency range. 
The new loudspeaker design looks aggressive whilst retaining familiar Art ergonomics and is the result of extensive combined functional and acoustic research. ART 708-A features two M10 threated fly points, one at the top one at the bottom, for installation purposes with vertical “U” bracket. A steel front grille with a special foam on the inside is provided. The amplifier presents both XLR/Jack (combo) balanced inputs and XLR output link. The back shape of the speaker is ideal also for monitoring, in left or right position
Proizvođač: RCF

MPC: 3.515,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 2.988,00 Kn
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