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RCF M20X (Kod: )

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20 analogue inputs

16 digitally pre-controlled
14 outputs
11 motorized faders
AES / EBU digital output
5 "touchscreen
five multifunction encoders and 64 buttons on the surface, 8 of which can be assigned.

Through the USB 2.0 port, up to 24 channels can be recorded via a computer, but with SD it becomes an independent recorder


All four DSP-rich consoles in the new M 20 series are fully recallable, with remote controlled preamps contained in a compact, ruggedly constructed chassis that can be a rack mount format unit (R version) or a more traditional compact desktop surface (the X model that also fits an 19" rack). All models feature 20 input channels with 16 high quality Mic preamps and 11 motorized faders in the 20 X, with eight XLR and eight Combo inputs, two TRS Inputs, and a Stereo Input on Mini Jack. There are 10 Output channels, with eight XLR and two TRS as well as two Main output XLR’s. All outputs are routable. The rear panel contains an AES-EBU stereo output, a USB audio 24x24 multichannel interface, and LAN port to connect an external access point for wireless remote control. All models feature a 5" capacitive high contrast touch screen with five encoders, for control of all the mixer’s capabilities. This screen feels responsive and robust, matching the experience of modern smartphones and tablets, while the graphic interface seems extremely fluid and logic.

In addition, there are four Function buttons that recall the main pages on the screen and eight programmable User Keys. The motorized faders include 10 for Inputs/Outputs, and one for the main master mix. There are four fader layers (Input 1-10, Input 11-20, four FX return and six Custom faders, while the fourth is dedicated to the 10 MIX outputs). All channels contain hi-pass, gate, 4-band parametric EQ, compressor (ch 1-16) and gate, with four internal studio-quality Z.CORE FX engines. Effects include two Reverb, Delay and Modulation (which can be swapped for a further delay). There is 8-band parametric EQ on all outputs and 30-band graphic EQ on the main mix, with compressor / limiter on all outputs. Finally, there’s a Phones output and RTA (Real Time Analyzer) function to check the audio spectrum of any channel. Other key features of these M 20 mixers are three options for various multi-track real time recording and playback, with 20 tracks on SD card, in addition to a 24 x 24 channel USB 2.0 interface and stereo recording and playback on USB. One of the two USB ports on the mixer’s surface allows connection for USB/MIDI controllers or 5 Volt USB devices. The second allows for a WiFi dongle to connect a third-party device such as a tablet.  

M20 X model is the standard version with the USB interface, while the M 20 XD model adds a Dante interface for audio networking. The 3U rack versions — M20 R and M20 RD (with Dante) — don't have the moving faders but otherwise offer the same exact functionalities and remote-control capabilities

Proizvođač: RCF

MPC: 12.000,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 9.600,00 Kn
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