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RCF ART 310-A (Kod: )

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RCF ART 310-A is an active, wide dispersion 2 way sound reinforcement speaker. It integrates a digital high power 400 Watt amplifier, a multiway DSP section and premium RCF low distortion, high power transducers. The result is compact, high power accurate systems, unique in there class for clarity and low distortion. 

The total amplifier power is 400 watt RMS: a 300 watt digital amplifier design is used to power the low frequencies, the compression driver is powered from 100 watt of digital clear power. The Dsp takes care of low noise crossover, equalisations, soft-limiters, rms limiters, large signals compression and protection functions.
The input section presents a XLR input connector that is switchable from microphone to line levels. A master volume control and a useful XLR loop through link guarantee the best versatility. The new 10” woofer is the result of the latest refinement in year of RCF experience in compact 2 way speakers. Features a 2 ” voice coil, very high efficiency and controlled bass reproduction. The compression driver uses a new 1.5” Mylar dome design and optimised geometry radial phase plug. This innovative design is powered from a high flux ferrite magnet offering a very open and natural midrange sound with extreme precision in high frequency reproduction. All the system is housed in a strong , very lightweight, polypropylene composite enclosure . The woofer is protected from a strong, powder coated, metal grille. 
The cabinet features 2 M10 threaded fly points, a 35 mm stand adaptor plus an ergonomic top handle for easy transportation
Proizvođač: RCF

MPC: 3.515,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 2.988,00 Kn
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